The following videos contain small segments of each artwork. Please get in touch to arrange a viewing of a particular work in its entirety online or in person.


The Rock

'The Rock' explores the precarious balance between Us, Them and the rock we inhabit.

Exhibited at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize, 2019

Video - 14:15

We're Still Here

Panned by the critics but adored by its creators, We're Still Here explores the human centipede-esque feedback loop that is modern life.

Created in collaboration with Ellen Broadhurst for the Alternative Archive exhibition at Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, 2019. 

Video - 24:37


The Wunder Years

When in doubt we subconsciously fall back on films, books and cultural myths to make sense of the incomprehensible and the arbitrary. We cast ourselves as the protagonists of our own stories, each one a Frankenstein of consumed content, summoned from the muddy banks of memory to help us cope with the complexities of reality. 

In The Wunder Years, I use 8mm film and soundscapes to explore my own narrative, and confront the limitations of using pop culture to forge meaning from chaos.

Winner - Midwest Art Prize Overall Award for Excellence, 2019. 

Acquired by Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

Alternate edition, The Wunder Years (Director's Cut) 1/10, acquired by Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA. 

8mm film - 14:30

The Ship That Never Sank

Being human in contemporary society is intense; our attention is constantly hijacked by new information: the novel and the bizarre, the sad and the hilarious. The Ship That Never Sank explores the lives of two friends who, in the face of such an overwhelming world, experiment with different ways to be.

Created in collaboration with Ellen Broadhurst for the WARP group exhibition, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2017.